The process & the final artwork

After studying dinosaur’s silhouettes I focused on how to make them with bitmaps and be able to read them at the same time. With a T-Rex picture on my side, I sketched some ideas of how I could make an understandable icon.

When I was happy with the results and the icon was easy to recognize I focused on how to optimize it using different colors, changing the background and the position of bitmaps.

Optimization process

For my final result I chose to work on a 16×16 bitmap icon. From my point of view the most legible versions were the green dinosaur with a white background and the white character on a black background.

Happy with my T-Rex, I extended my studies on Triceratops as well. I worked on 16 and 32 pixels resolution but the complicated body structure of this type of dinosaur was not suitable for the smaller option. In fact the 16 bitmap icon in my draft looks more like a black spot.
Triceratops draft

Changing the prospective made me able to show more a more detailed and therefore gives you a clearer image. A 32×32 icon was definitely more readable and gave me the chance to achieve my target.

For the final artwork I selected the icons that I thought were more clear and readable.

T-rex black&green  T-rex white & green T-rex white & black

All those icons have been created with Processing in a grid of 16×16 bitmaps with 2 colors (1bit) and saved in a png format.

Triceratops icon

The Triceratops final icon makes use of 2 colors (1bit) but a grid of 32×32 bitmaps instead.

The last part of the project included producing a physical piece of artwork.

We placed beads of assorted colors on squared shape made by 14×14 tips.

Beads and square shape

The available colors were limited, so I chose green and black to work with and work out how many to fit in my 16×16 area. The first result seemed too dark and was not clear enough.

1st icon

I then chose to pick up some green-blue breads to make the body of the dinosaur, as these gave a more clear structure. I added some details of different colors as well to make the dinosaur look more ‘friendly’.

2nd icon

The black background was still not highlighting the bright colors of the characters so I chose to try and work on a white setting varying the dinosaur’s colors as well.

3rd icon4th icon

Finally I chose the character that was going to become my final artwork, I ironed the beads to stick them together and…

final artwork

This was the very end piece, a bright dinosaur icon of 14×14 beads of 4 different colors!

I went in a toy shop with my boyfriend and I suddenly saw my real bitmap dinosaur! I fell in love with him and as it was discounted 50% off my boyfriend buy it to make me a present. It is surely a really important piece of my research. I made a video in order to study his movements in the space.

His name is ‘Bitmap’.