The first step of my journey

In the first part of the introduction to bitmaps, I was impressed by the process that Susan Kare used. To be able to make icons that she worked on, she made them as less detailed as she could. I was really fascinated by the process that she described: the more details you delete from a face, the more people it could be said to describe.

Susan Kare

I then decided that I would work on simplifying the image of a Chinese girl and make her icon similar to her, but in the same time less detailed and generic.

First Sketch

Unfortunately, the small size 16×16 was not enough to show all the details that would actually say that it was a Chinese girl. Having had a look at my sketches I then realized that the girl’s icon would look more generic than I was expecting so I decided to change the aim of my research. Sketching and brainstorming more concepts helped me to find my new goal.

sketch of a stapleSketchesSketch of a bunnySketches and brainstorming

During my brainstorms some of my passions came thorough and I  then decided to focus on one of them: Video games, in particular Nintendo’s characters.

I then directed my project to try and make the inverse process: instead of starting from a specific object and getting a generic one, I decided to start from a specific character and get a more generic one, which was influenced by my personal style.