I CAN draw!

We all had an amazing time with Amanda, we built our confidence in drawing, had a new experience and we found out so many new things about design and about ourselves.

First of all, we started to draw in a two points perspective grid that we built.

2 points perspective

After gaining more confidence, we started to design a city in the same grid.

2 point perspective

And my bitmap dinosaur, a labyrinth…

bitmap dinosaur exercise

I admit that I was starting to have fun with perspective!

We also studied the five points perspective.

5 points perspective

When we understood how it works, we draw more complicated objects.

5 points

5 points

5 points

5 points

Navigli di Milano

This is my favorite one!

Busto Garolfo

Busto Garolfo, my home town

We then played with spirals and anamorphic illusions.

Spiral Anamorphic illusion Hole illusion

The next session was about typography.

I designed some letters in a grid based on the golden section and then I combined them together, to see how they look like and to study their structure.

I chose the B-G combination design and then I draw it into a two and five points prospective grid.



And I draw some buildings inside the letters with Indian ink. I found out that I really love this technique!


Finally, I combined the letters again, this time 3 letters together, G,B and A!


It was now time to have a look at all the work that our group produced.

Group work

I thought that the result was great, nearly everyone said that they were not good at drawing. But in the end, we were so proud and impressed by our work!

We became confident in our drawing skills and we started a new project.

This time we decided to do something more abstract and we worked in a team of 3 people. We combined Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, English, Malayalam and a lot of more languages using different materials and techniques.

It was certainly an amazing experience drawing with a team on a huge Fabriano’s piece of paper!

Group work

Group work Group workGroup work, ink detail