A new business card

Suddenly, one of my friends called me because he needed some help from a graphic designer!

I felt really happy and proud the be able to help him.

He needed a business card for his friend to print out the day after and I had a deadline of 3 hours to help him!

He is working in the construction industry and he needed a business card to give away as he’s currently doing some self employed jobs.

He did have a logo, but we worked on improving it as it was not recent and it needed to be changed.

We started the project from the original business card created from another designer some years ago.

Original design

We had to change the name on the logo, as it was his father’s name. The colors were not really interesting, and I changed a little bit the shapes as there were some small mistakes in the original logo.

We chose to use a business card format as the square was not really working.

I decided to work on making a more modern format, showing dynamics as the building industry involves it.

This is the final result.



The front is clear, it presents the new logo with the basic information and current contact details plus a basic but modern design.



The back uses the same design of the front and shows the main features of his service.

I think that even if we did not have plenty of time we get to a quite nice solution and it was good fun as well!