My question in the future

In one of the tutorials we made our first mock-up of the leaflet.

Happy with my poster, I started to play with the mock-up.

I thought about the process that people have to take to log in into a Social Network. First, you have to turn on your computer. Secondly, you will have to type your name and password. Finally, you will be successfully logged in into your account.

The most easy way to represent the first action was the icon of a power button. Then I used the classic template of a password input process. The computer’s screen would be then your reality.

To give sense to my poster, I then placed some key sentences about Social Media.


Here you have the very first final leaflet.

First Final Leaflet

I made some print outs of it and I corrected some mistakes, as there was a problem with the black ink.

Print outs


After our ‘Refine’ tutorial I became aware of the fact that the screen in my leaflet was not really working. It was not easy to understand it and it didn’t create homogeneity with the following pages.

So I thought to present a Social Network Home page instead.

As I did not want to use images but typography, I wrote a description of the Facebook classic layout.

I then worked out the percentage of aggressive comments in a Homepage using the previous comments that I analyzed.


6 out of 28 comments were not aggressive. So 22 out of 28 comments were actually aggressive and racist. The percentage of this figure was 78% aggressive comments out of 5 posts.

Using Facebook’s Home page font, Lucida Sans, I create a description of the Social Network template using also the percentage of aggressive comments that appear in your Home page.

I then used ‘American Typewriter’ font for the key sentences, as it gives a more classic style. This creates more homogeneity with the board game poster on the other side of the leaflet.

Second Final Leaflet

After all our craftwork, the leaflet looked really professional!

As the paper was really thick, it was quite difficult to fold it perfectly.

Happy with the final artwork, I kept one flyer for myself and I went to  played with my board game!