Smint’s Competition

When I saw the possibility of entering in this competition I was so happy as I was looking to do some extra work in relationship with my studies.

I first had a look at the brief and at the ‘fresh to impress’ campaign.

In the brief there was a resource pack with Smint’s Logos, the font that we had to use, Illustrator and Photoshop files to take inspiration and the template file for the final poster.

I went through Smint UK Facebook profile to see all the previous banners and posters. The style was always the same and I took some notes to help me develop my ideas.


I then did a brainstorm and started sketching the very first ideas.

I focused on the single words ‘fresh’ and ‘impress’ and those are some of my thoughts from my sketchbook.

Smint Sketch

Smint Sketch

Smint Sketch

Smint Sketch

I connected the word ‘impress’ to the Impressionism art movement and the first artist that came to mind was Magritte. As the target of the campaign were young professionals I thought that almost everyone know Magritte’s work, specially ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’.


To make everything ‘fresh’ I wanted to redesign the painting using a modern style giving importance to the mint.



Happy with my first idea, I then analyzed my sketchbook and create on Illustrator some of them.

Smint poster 3

Will Smint Poster

Last but not least, I worked on my favorite concept. It came to mind during the night, so I was quite proud of it. I wanted to impress people doing something crazy and at the same time making them think about the poster so they would have to remember it.

”Oh dear, what’s going on there? Why did that fish get stuck in the window to get a mint?”

The poster will interact with the real word and people will use their imagination to create their own story. I think that to impress in the current world we need to see something really crazy, something that motivates our brain to use the left part and work out by itself its own version.

Smint Poster

I was still not sure 100% about which poster to send for the competition as just one for each entrance was allowed. I asked friends’ and designers’ suggestions and some of them did not understand the fish poster, other ones loved it, and some like more the pipe poster.

If I had to follow my heart, I would choose the fish, but Graphic Design is not just following what YOU like but what the people out there like.

I spoke with my tutor to get to a final decision.

fermata-autobus pesce     fermata-autobus copia

I didn’t notice it, but he made me think about the fact that a big pipe could remind a smoking advertisement so some people could ignore it because of that. The fish was crazy enough to be a nice idea.

I checked again the brief really carefully, I made the final poster with some changes and I then entered it into the competition!


I had really good fun doing this project and I thank Smint for that!

Even if I prefer Tic Tacs.