Social Media research

I looked at various sources to find out interesting information about why people are so aggressive on Social Media. Here there are some comments that captured my attention:

”We become passive so it is easy to comment, Social Networks are like a reality show and people want to show themselves”

Anonymity is a powerful force, Hiding behind a fake screen name makes us feel invincible, as well as invisible. We’re less inhibited online because we don’t have to see the reaction of the person we’re addressing, it’s harder to see and focus on what we have in common, we tend to dehumanize each other. When posting, people are thinking their comments to be tiny and like it was a game, no consequences.”

”People feel safe and use Social Networks as a weapon. Aggressive comments attract other people to do the same

”The research comes amid increasing evidence that young people are becoming increasingly narcissistic, and obsessed with self-image and shallow friendships.”

When isolated in their vehicle, people don’t feel connected to the drivers around them and become angrier and more aggressive. You’re even more isolated from the people you insult on social media and it can be difficult for people to remember that there are actual human being on the receiving end of those insults.

After finding all that information I made an experiment and went on Facebook to read two random posts in an open group and I analyzed the progress of the comments. The dynamics actually confirmed what my sources studied: Aggressive behaviors attract people to do the same and install a process that Social users feel like a game.

Facebook comment dynamics

I wanted to show the sense of a sequence in my design, giving importance to the dehumanization that Social Media causes.

So I thought, why not using a board game to show the comment’s sequence game that people play on Social Media?

The most popular Social Media is currently Facebook.

UK most popular Social Medias

One of the most common classic Board Games that everyone knows is the Goose name, ”Il Gioco Dell’Oca” in Italian. It is also the most antique Board Game.

Goose Game  Goose Game

I made out the structure of the game with illustrator using Facebook’s color scheme.

I worked out the question that I wanted to ask in the future:

”Will Social networks still exist in 2100? How are you using them?”

So I studied the typography styles of the text. Facebook’s body text font is a clear sans serif, Lucida Sans.

I then made out the board game using Facebook’s colors, fonts and icons, placing the aggressive comments that I found in my research.

The likes of the comments increase in each box.

Gioco dell'oca-01.png

I called the game ‘THE SOCIAL MEDIA GAME 2015’ and I added the personalized instructions.

Age: 7+
Players: ∞
You will need:
A Computer, Smartphone or Tablet Internet connection
A Social Media account for each player
How to play:
Write a post first. Wait for someone to comment and then reply with an aggressive comment. The more likes you get, the farther you can go. If people share, comment or like your post, just keep going.
The most likable and aggressive comment wins.