Think outside the box

”Think outside the box!”

Those are the words which took us to the new project.

I had a completely new experience, we had to listen to an article and write words with our eyes closed, so that our feelings and honest opinions could come out. It is really impressive how you can pick up things without seeing any visuals. It made me feel as if the event happened to me.

At the beginning of the project, I wanted to work in Italian and say my opinion about our current situation. I listened to the news that just came out and to some adverts as well.

The video was about immigration, the landing of new immigrants in the south part of Italy. After the description of the event, the journalist interviewed some Italians and immigrants as well.

Those are the words that I managed to write whilst listening to the news and adverts.

Brainstorming brainstorming

After analysing my words I did a more conscious brainstorm about immigration and what Italians think about it.

I had a chat with my dad to find out what he thought, and it terrified me. Italians are currently feeling really threatened by immigrants, even if they don’t have to be.

I then had a look at some other sources online but they basically had the same as my father’s point of view. Maybe because of the Italian journalism corruption.

Here there are the Italian articles that I found:

Immigration Brainstorm

I then thought over my opinion, the different information from my sources and experimented on some of the words. As immigration is a worldwide phenomenon I decided to work in English, which is the most spoken language nowadays.

Experiment 1Experiment 1a

I first focus on the concept of immigration and reflected on the type the idea of moving from a different place with the help of acetate and collage using some magazines.

I also played with the word ‘racism’ and gave distance to the letters of different colors. I then used the verb ‘is’ to make a sentence out of the word.

Immigration Immigration

Still thinking about racism, I considered the idea that some people have about the color of your skin, as if it was something that you could choose in a clothes shop. I used the font from a famous clothes branding and created an imaginary interview with 2 stereotypes.


I also analyzed the concept of ‘Wall of smoke’: currently in Italy politicians are using immigration as an excuse to manipulate people, distort the reality and hide the curropt system.

I made the main question on matt paper and then I placed it on white paper so you will be able to see the real problems only if you really analyze what is hiding.

Wall of smokeWall of smoke

From another totally different and more positive point of view, immigration is changing, transform, building something new with cultural integration.

Inspired by children books, I made an acetate booklet with a different culture on each page. A single page doesn’t look really interesting, but then all together they create a city.

Immigration book

After my tutor’s suggestions I worked on Illustrator on the best working idea.

I chose a Bold San Serif font and I worked on the colors and spacing. As the classic stereotypes of skin are white and black I used those colors plus a bright red to get the reader’s attention on ‘Is Alive’. I was not really satisfied with it and the colors remind me of Kinder so I went to get some chocolate.


Kinder Logo  Kinder sorpresa

After analyzing and experimenting I decided that I would focus on dealing with the concept of racism in relation to immigration.

To get some inspiration for my work and learn more about typography, I borrowed this book from the library and I actually found really interesting designs.

What is typography?

The one that most captured my attention was ‘The periodic table of emotions’. I think is great the idea of using just a table to express how essential and various emotions are, not using even a picture.

The Periodic Table of Emotions

The problem was now if I was going to face immigration worldwide or just in Italy.

Not sure about how to meet my goal, I did some research to find out how to best do my project.

First, I did some research about how different nationalities refer to different ethnicities and I found an amazing database of worldwide words.


I selected some of those words and then I realized a draft of my idea from the tutorial, a list of all the different races with the final word that links them all together: HUMANS.

I played around with different kinds of fonts (keeping human Bold and San Serif) and colors, and those are the results:


I then faced the concept referring just to Italy.

First I had a chat with British and Italians. I thought also about my opinion and then I listened some of the Italian traditions such as food, art, football and religion. I placed those words within the Italian shape, with a border that separate the country from the outside.

The border would be made by comments from Italians about Immigration.

Italian culture

In order to do that, I had a look at different Social Media to find out comments and opinions from different people and I found some horrible racist comments that really impressed me. I printed them out and translate them.


Comments   Comments

Comments   Comments

I was scared by these comments and they made me ask loads of questions.

”Why are people so aggressive on Social Media?!”

I then started my research and found amazing results.

This part of my research really made me speechless so I decided to direct my final work on the topic of Social Media and how people behave on them.