The end of this first journey

Those 10 weeks gave me the opportunity to challenge myself and improve my skills. Now I can proudly say that I am a Bitmap Master, a Dinosaur’s expert and a good researcher!

I really enjoyed all the research that I made, I didn’t expect it to be fun! All those projects were a totally new experience and I never worked in this way in my previous course. Meeting new people from all over the world and have the opportunity to work with them definitely helped me to improve my team work skills.

The environment at AUB is just fantastic, everyone is so nice and available to help you. There is also a totally crazy atmosphere which makes me feel at home… Now I am not the only strange person but we can be strange all together!

I made mistakes, but thanks to my tutors I was able to correct them, improve my work and learn.


Bitmap helped me to summarize my thoughts about this first journey.

Creative dinosaur-01.jpg

I am so glad to be a student at AUB and I really believe I will learn even more in my next journey. I can’t wait to start it!